As we said from day 1, we don’t want to sell something we are not going to achieve. That’s why this collection always aimed to increase its own value from two aspects. Being the symbol and materialization of the first exhibition of Vibrant and being able to be by its design and history owner of its own charm linked to exclusivity.

Getting this far was not easy, since we had two objectives to achieve on the same date, but we did it, without promising something we could not deliver. 

However, if we had the success we did, it was largely because of our community, and we were able to understand that the community is asking us for more continuity in the project.

We have many ideas for it, but we want to keep to only those that we consider feasible for the remainder of this 2022. Now, without further ado, our VibMap.


  • Social Networking (Twitter, Discord) Complete
  • Mint 1000 Vibrant Diamonds Complete
  • Rarity and treats in DGDG Complete
  • NRI in Entrepot Complete
  • Filters in Entrepot Complete
  • Create Discord channel for Keepers In progress:

We want our keepers to feel safe and to be able to access exclusive content. That’s why we are creating a channel with an ownership verification captcha with Glue

  • Treasure Hunt Exploring:

The story of diamonds is the story of tireless searching, of meeting immense challenges, the adventures of the Diamond Seekers behind these precious stones. In order for our community to grow and to make owning a Vibrant more exciting, we are going to announce treasure hunts in the metaverse!

  • Expanding the team I: MOD In progress:

Since we started working on Vibrant, the team did everything in their hands to solve every challenge as a process like this requires. As we said, the work was a lot of hard work and we learned very much. However, we want the community to grow healthy and happy, so part of our job is to provide the necessary support to professionalize our administration in the NFT space. 

  • Expanding the Team II: Community Support Exploring

We have said it many times before. The help we get from the community when they give us feedback and suggest improvements is essential for our development. Even more so if, as in our case, we have a community that comes up with good ideas. That is why we are going to create a special channel for you to propose, develop and discuss your ideas. Some of these ideas will hopefully have a positive impact on the project. They could even be voted by the team or by the community and be the first step towards a DAO. Nothing better than having the support and recommendations of our most specialized members. 

  • List the Vibrant Diamonds on the web Exploring:

We want everyone to be able to see each diamond, filter searches, compare different ones, and be able to host it on our site. 

  • The story of the Diamonds is not finished In progress:

We know that these diamonds have several stories that relate them. But do we know the individual stories? Can you imagine where your diamond might have been? Perhaps it was stolen from a carriage crossing Birmingham or found in the Airavatesvara temple in India. Now is the time for you to tell us the story of yours. The best ones will be part of the diamond description and receive a reward.

  • Art contests Exploring:

Vibrant Diamonds are the focus, but it must be said that this all started as an art event, an NFT art exhibition in Rosario. That’s why we don’t want to deviate completely and propose interventions of other works to those who dare. The best ones will receive rewards as well, and the possibility of being exhibited in The Work of the Week.

  • The work of the week Exploring:

The exhibitions continue. This time on the web. We want our members, friends and community to be shown to the world. That is why we devised a space where we show a work weekly/monthly. It can be part of Vibrant or not. Participating in this space will also count on the movement in our networks, of course.

  • More events, more collections Exploring:

As we said, vibrant was born as an art exhibition. As such, our goal is to continue generating these spaces. Of course, just as the Vibrant Diamond Collection was born for the first event, we want each event (virtual or in person) to be accompanied by a new collection. More