A limited collection of 849 diamonds with fine details, majestic sparkles and a history that is still being written.

After being unearthed in dissimilar lands, saved from the depths of inclement oceans or recovered after bloody riots, these diamonds will finally be collected only by an exclusive group of people. The fate of these diamonds is still an enigma and it’ s time for you to be part of this adventure and this exclusive world. Owning an NFT from this collection is a VIP pass and the opportunity to be your own Indiana Jones in the search for these lost treasures.

About diamonds

Diamonds are formed deep in the earth under extreme heat and pressure. They have different components that make them change colors, depending on how they react to those temperatures, defining their pigmentation.

Then they are violently expelled upwards until they reach the surface of the earth or close to it. Through this process, the Vibrant Diamonds retain a halo -or aura- because of their first contact with the outside: some are more friendly to exposure and others are more resistant to coming out of their hiding place.

Afterwards, they are cut and polished until their natural beauty shines through. And to protect them from any inclement weather or human carelessness, they were carefully framed by craftsmen using the most valuable material in the area where they were found. 

History places them in different parts of the world, they have even crossed oceans and even the entire world to serve as trophies for powerful leaders. Historians and archaeologists have taken the job of taking note of the most important places where some of them have been, from Minas Gerais to waterfalls in the interior of China.

It is not yet known which ones will be exhibited at the Castagnino Museum and there are those who say that they may be accompanied by certain gems that multiply their value. There are already rumors that there are collectors behind this type of exotic diamonds.



The Vibrant Diamond Collection is hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain and will be minted in entrepot on the same day the exhibition opens, June 24.

Whitelist Mint

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Public Mint

After that you will be able to access the Entrepot launchpad to discover the Vibrant Diamonds you want WITHOUT LIMITS.

The legend

The story of the diamonds is the story of Nat Birv, a Scottish archaeologist specializing in archaeometry. His years working on an investigation led him to a discovery that was hidden for centuries. Until now.

A limited collection of diamonds was revealed to him after a long time of searching.
It is the Vibrant Diamond Collection, a group of unique diamonds, with fine details and majestic brilliance. An exquisite and exclusive collection of 849 diamonds.

Its origin is still an enigma. Studies theorize that some of them could have their origin in 2800 B.C. in the surroundings of the city of Mohenjo-Daro, in the region of ancient India.

From then on, it is presumed that they were obtained from different parts of the world, and that they have undergone modifications according to their mysterious destinies. After being unearthed in distant lands, saved from the depths of inclement oceans or recovered from the hands of bloody dictators, these diamonds can be collected only by an exclusive group of people.

According to the color they possess, we know what:

Colored Diamonds

Silver Diamonds

The last diamonds found. They correspond to a cargo of the legendary De Beers industry intercepted north of Upington, South Africa. They are believed to have changed hands until the end of the 19th century when they were lost track of.

These were originally stolen in the invasions of the warrior king Nader Shah, when he besieged India in search of Mughal treasure. It is believed that the booty obtained by the king was immense. After his assassination his empire fell into anarchy and his jewels were looted. They were found in different parts of Asia and it is believed that there could be more diamonds lost.

Golden Diamonds

Pure Diamonds

It’s believed that they were discovered between 1720 and 1723 in Brazil. At that time it was the country with the largest diamond trade, but there was a batch that was intercepted by bandeirantes coming up from Sao Paulo. Their luck went downhill and in an Indian raid they fell into the waters of the Sapucaí River. Where centuries later Nat found them following a trail of legends that still survived in the communities of the area.

These are the most exclusive. They were a collection that passed from hand to hand of the great emperors of Russia and its color is the result of hydrogen defects in its crystalline structure. It is very rare in nature and its rarity has triggered attacks and assassinations to get them throughout history.

The tale of the lost diamonds

These are the diamonds that escaped this group of archaeologists and are still being sought. All are believed to still retain traces of their tortuous existence. As such, they are priceless pieces.

Cambodian stones

These diamonds symbolize war. By 1867, South Africa was characterized by diamond discoveries, which encouraged economic growth and immigration, which intensified the subjugation of the natives. The Boers successfully resisted the British siege in the First Boer War. However, for the second Boer War, the British troops returned with more force to plunder the discoveries of the African people, keeping not only the jewels, but colonizing the territory for years. The location of the diamonds was never clarified.

The Impossibles rocks of Cheung Po Tsai

The depths of the ocean have their mysteries. The last trace of the location of these diamonds was on the Tek Sing, a large Chinese three-masted ship that sank on February 6, 1822 in an area of the South China Sea. The crew of the “Titanic of the East”, as it is popularly known, possessed XX amount of diamonds, which they ostensibly showed off, as a way of belonging to the most select social class. In the search of the ship, all the belongings of those who were in the shipwreck have been found.

Golgoth Dreams

Possibly the oldest of the diamonds. Its origin is unknown, but we can find the first record of its existence in the Rylands papyrus, the oldest of the manuscripts that have been found of the four canonical gospels. In it, it states the presence of “a strange and mysterious gem”, owned by Joseph of Arimathea, owner of the tomb in which the body of Jesus of Nazareth was deposited.

The Rovers

A truly special jewel. It was found in the 18th century and was one of the first relics exhibited in the British Museum when it was created in 1753.
However, around 1912 it was stolen in an attempted robbery. Thankfully, the security forces acted in a timely manner and prevented such an event. However, the piece was left with a mark that would make it distinctive forever: the breakage of its frame. The diamond, on the other hand, was left in perfect condition, which enhanced its value and attractiveness. Unfortunately, around 1945, during the war-torn years, it was again stolen, this time, definitively leaving no trace of it.